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Exactly What I Do:

For transparency, I will list the exact steps I will take with you after you have become one of my selected clients.

I tend to take a limited number of clients at a time (2 to 3) so that I can focus specifically on their needs and dedicate the resources necessary. I currently only have room for one more client.

If you feel that we would be a good fit after reading this material, feel free to sign up for my waiting list.

Create a Branded Gmail Account

The very first thing I do with my new clients is create a custom Gmail account that will be used to represent them and their business. If you have any logos or images, I can use them for the custom graphic on the account, but a personal photo converts better.

Because I’ve overused my personal number creating Gmail accounts for other clients, I will require you to give me the phone verification code at the time I open one for you. Ownership of the account will revert to you after we finish working together.

Why do I do this?

People don’t tend to be very responsive to agents acting on behalf of clients. This is why I’ll be contacting link targets pretending to be you. It’s effective.

Access Google Analytics and Search Console

I will walk you through the process of allowing me access to your Google Analytics account. This is important for me to check the health of your site.

Allowing me access to your Google Search Console gives me a chance to discover which keywords you’re ranking for and which pages get impressions, but no clicks.

Using both of these tools, I will be able to determine:

Anchor Text

Using some SEO tools such as Ahrefs, I will analyze your incoming links and check the ratios of the anchor text.

If you have too many unnatural-looking anchors, I will build some links with words like “here,” your company name, or your URL to provide balance to your profile.

Content Audit
When I evaluate your posted content, here are some of the things I will consider:

I’ll create a list of your linkable assets so that I’ll have your best material on hand when approaching link targets.

In the case that you actually don’t have anything I feel I can use to attract links, don’t worry. This happens very often. I will create a content execution plan, tailored to the needs of your audience.

If you have a writer that you feel will be good enough for our needs, we can use their services. Or for an additional charge, I can pay one of my own content people to pen your material. This is my preferred course of action because I can be more certain that they will develop the kind of content I require.

Ideally, you will set for me a content budget for the material on your site as well as the guest posts submitted to other websites.

Link Audit

I will take a look at all of the links currently pointed at your site and make the following considerations:

I’ll check your DA (Domain Authority), CF (Citation Flow), PA (Page Authority), and other metrics.

I will check the anchor text ratio.

I’ll examine the links to see if any appear spammy or unnatural.

By examining your link history, I can find out if your content is being fully utilized to its potential. If you have content that is already earning links, then I can run a campaign to get even more.

Add Content to Target List

After compiling all the information I need above, I will put together a sharable reporting document that you can check in real time. You can access the reporting document at any time to see progress.

On this list, you’ll also see all of the content that I’ll be adding and the keywords that I will be trying to rank for.

Create a list of Queries

With the proper keywords selected, I will create a list of Google operators. These queries are words and characters that can be used on Google to filter out different prospective link targets.

For example, if you’re building links in the pet niche, you could enter something like:

“pets inurl: resources”

This would provide me with the Google results of all the pages that contain the word “pets,” and “resources” in the URL.

Link Selection

After I have all the information I require, I will decide on what kind of links will be best for your needs strategically.

If you don’t have a lot of great content or if you’re working in an industry that doesn’t get a lot of extra attention, I make adjustments to the campaign. I will look for guest post opportunities, local bloggers, and look for links on indirectly related links. This is called “the bridge method.”

For example, if you were a real estate agent looking to build links to your site, I might reach out to people in the home décor industry. Though these are different fields, there is some overlap regarding relevance to the audience: home buyers / owners.

I will create choose suitable article topics to pitch to the owners of sites in these fields to see if they’ll accept guest posts. If they agree, I will use the content budget you provided to commission an article that best exemplifies your business. If the site owner agrees to publish this post, it will contain a link to your site.

This is probably one of the most reliable ways to build links. Often, you can approach targets cold (without having a prior relationship) and pitch your ideas. It’s pretty common, and it does not come without benefit to the site owner.

Develop Management Plan

Now that I have all the details I require to start your campaign, I will create a roadmap to track my progress over the next few months.

Used a shared Google sheet, you will be able to monitor the status of various projects as they are completed.

Concentrate on Contact Details
At this point, I have selected:

These items will help me to create a list of potential targets. This list gets continuously updated, so you can check it whenever you like to see how things are progressing.

When I collect contact information for your link targets, I will attempt to get names of webmasters to go with the email addresses to improve outreach results.

Personalized Outreach Emails

Including the target’s name, I will send them emails, each message tailored to the type of link that I will be asking for.

For example, if I was looking for a resource page link, the approach would be different than that of a content placement pitch.

This is one way to build a relationship with the target, introducing your brand, your content and what you do. This relationship can be conducive to future promotions.

Follow Up

This is an important step that often gets overlooked.

People get lots of emails everyday and often ignore them. It’s very possible that the first time someone sees your outreach message, they might not respond. Some people might even read it, but neglect to reply because of other pressing priorities.

I send two or three follow-up messages to the people that don’t get back to me. I also track the number of opens, clicks, and replies for future campaign calibration.


There are two critical performance indicators that will reveal the effectiveness of my campaigns:

Usually, when people click on the links I’ve built for you, it is because they are interested in the content I’ve shown them.

Search engines reward the links on relative and highly-authoritative sites with higher organic search rankings.

This carefully-targeted traffic is also more likely to convert into customer or clients for your products and services.

Setting Expectations

The outcomes of my link-building efforts depend on a number of variables including the quality of the content I’m promoting, what kind of product or service your site is selling, and how responsive people are when I approach. Typically I build between 10 to 20 links in a month.

If you’re willing to create the content I request and complete it quickly, the higher the number of links I will be able to secure.

For example, in a given month, a client had created 10 pieces of content for me:

Reporting and Tracking

There are two different documents in which you’ll find all of my reporting:

Pricing Plans

The price that I charge for my services is tethered to the number of targets will reach out to over a period of time. My lowest pricing plan does not include the allotted content allowance I will require.

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