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Welcome to White Hat Legend, where only the best white hat principles are applied to build digital relationships and increase traffic.

As an SEO and link strategist, I work with small companies to overcome obstacles get powerful results.

Here’s what I offer:

An ongoing monthly link-building strategy. I strive to build the right kinds of backlinks for your site that are both relevant and authoritative.

Why do you want these kinds of links?

Still not exactly certain why you need backlinks to make money online? Watch this video:

Who is this premium service for?

A few different kinds of customers with websites, for example:

Who is this Linkbuilder?

My name is Jason Swain, an American living in China, and building links is a passion of mine. I developed my link-building expertize creating my own profitable authority sites.

About me and my consultancy:

That would create a negative experience for both of us. I work hard to explain not only what I do, but why. This is why my mission is to inform and educate online business owners on principles of White Hat linkbuilding.

Thanks for reading! Please contact me here. Or if you want to see exactly what I do, check this out!

As of January of 2018, I am Google Analytics certified: